Ghillie Suit 3D Hybrid

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  • This is a definitely new ghillie suit combined 3D leafy and strip, 2.4lb light weight with premium quality breathable mesh lining for comfortable.
  • This suit will not catch onto branches, pick up twigs and stickers, no string material fall down.
  • Snap design for easy and quick on and off, no need worry leaves bit by zipper. Bottom of pants with opening for easy take off with big hunting boots
  • High density camo printed 3D leafy and strip material offers perfect concealment
  • Carry bag included, Two pcs Jacket and pants set

Hybrid means leafy suit + ghillie suit

The idea comes from that since leaf suit and ghilly suit both has it's pros and cons,

why can't we put all the pros together while get rid of the cons

As we all know that ghillie suits are widely used and has good camouflage but it's disadvantages are obviouse as it's strength like shredding, getting overheat in warm weather, effecting your movement, and catching branches and twigs

Obviousely Auscamotek made it.

This 3D hybrid leafy suit blends in as well as ghillie suit and you can wear it in both cold or warm weather.

it's great for turkey hunting, deer hunting airsoft paintball and bird watching.




  • breathable
  • plenty of leaves and strips 2.4lb
  • wont catch branches and twigs
ghilie suit

plenty leaves and strips ensures excellent camouflage

leafy suit

with breathable mesh lining you may wear it in warm weather for long and without get over-heat.

camo suit

high opening at the pants bottom allows you to put and take off with your hutning boots on

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